NanoNine Chapati Pot Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Serve Fresh Roti Casserole with Glass Lid, 1.25 L, 1 pc

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Warm and fresh chapatis for your family with the nanonine insulated chapatti small casserole; you can have hot rotis and chapatis hours after cooking while retaining their taste. Its double wall design makes it extremely sturdy and suitable for daily use. With high-quality material insulation; this casserole keeps your food warm and fresh even after a long time. Furthermore; you can also store other food items such as idlis; puris and parathas in this casserole. Smart design for everyday use this chapati casserole features a sturdy glass lid; so you can see the food inside clearly without opening it. It comes with a plastic plate fitted at the bottom of the casserole to ensure that your chapatis do not become soggy. Compact and lightweight steel casserole made from high quality stainless steel; the nanonine insulated chapatti small casserole is highly durable and will last for a long time. Sporting a sleek body and a silver mirror shine; this casserole can enhance the overall look of your kitchen decor. Being lightweight and compact; this casserole can be handled easily and can be conveniently placed in your cabinet or on the kitchen counter. Additionally; you can also use this casserole as a serving dish; adding to its versatile nature. You can carry this casserole to savour hot food when on picnics and treks. Its sturdy body ensures easily cleaning and maintenance at all times.



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