Sri Krishna Culture 40 in 1 Vaishnav Mantra Chanting Box (Best In Class Voice Quality)

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40 in 1 (All in 1) Vaishnav Mantra Chanting Metallic Box These Include Mantras like 1.Gayatri Mantra 2. Ganesh Stuti 3. Maha Mrityunjay Mantra 4. Shani Mantra 5. Krishna Mool Mantra 6. Maha Laxmi Mantra 7. Maha Durga Arghla Strota 8. Sai Gayatri Mantra 9. Tirupati Balaji Mantra 10. Mritunjaya Mantra 11. Baglamukhi Mantra 12. Om Namah Shivaya 13. Hare Rama Jap 14. Navgrah Shanti Mantra 15. Surya Beej Mantra 16. Som Beej Mantra 17. Mangal Beej Mantra 18. Budh Beej Mantra 19. Brahaspati Beej Mantra 20. Shukra Beej Mantra 21. Shani Beej Mantra 22. Rahu Beej Mantra 23. Ketu Beej Mantra 24. Hare Krishna Jap 25. Jai Kara Mata Ki 26. Ram Stuti 27. Hanuman Jap 28. Krishna Mantra 29. Narayan Stuti 30. Mata Jap 31. Om Jap 32. Bhairav Beej Mantra 33. Maha Kali Beej Mantra 34. Kuber Beej Mantra 35. Rudra Beej Mantra 36. Annapurna Beej Mantra 37. Saraswati Beej Mantra 38. Maha Laxmi Beej Mantra 39. Ganpati Beej Mantra 40. All Mantras Repeat.Our chanting boxes are the best in class with premium and divine voice quality fits perefectly at your home, office or work station. Create a Devotional Atmoshphere by our wide range of mantra chanting boxes. Perfectly works as a gift for all occasions like Housewarming/Grah Pravesh, Inaugral Ceremonies, Birthday,Anniversary and various other occasions



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