Dear Retailers & Wholesalers, now order products from India for your business !

Indiglobalshop not only provides access to thousand’s of products from India at a click of the button, it also helps you save large amounts of money in the shipping cost on every purchase you make.


Indiglobalshop caters to the businesses including small retailers, entrepreneurs, departmental stores, kirana stores even in the remote towns and villages across the world. You can purchase thousands of items for resale, at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities. You can order from anywhere at any time of the day and get delivery at your doorstep. 

What kind of product selection does Indiglobalshop carry?
Indiglobalshop specializes in the FMCG space covering the following

* Food & Beverages
* Personal Care & Hygiene
* Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies

To request a special price quotation from the products on website, you can reach out to us at info@indiglobalshop.com. If unable to find a product on our website, please send email of product URL from any website. 





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