ABSORBIA Moisture absorber & odor buster with activated charcoal Season Pack

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Absorbia Odour buster with activated charcoal removes not only excess moisture but also smells that linger in cupboards and spaces. Activated charcoal removes all existing odours and keeps your spaces smelling fresh Excess moisture, as harmless as it may sound, is actually what is responsible for musty smells, fungal growths and allergens in our cupboards, kitchens and other storage spaces; all of which are eventually hazardous to our health. Mould and fungus : Grows where there is water, high humidity or damp conditions. Grows fastest in warm temperatures Mould thrives on natural fabrics, attacking clothes, carpets, leather products, paper based products, food and more Moulds reproduce by means of tiny spores which act as allergens (see below) Musty Smells: Are caused by the presence of mould. These are especially found in unventilated spaces Musty smells indicate mould even when you cannot see it Allergens: Are living organisms that can trigger allergies, Their presence indoors can significantly increase respiratory problems especially in pregnant women, children, and the elderly Mould spores can even trigger symptoms in individuals with no allergies, typically cause skin allergies and trigger respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis



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