Amijivdaya Large Bird Feeder (Green, Transparent)

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Amijivdaya is proud to introduce its wide range of Pet Feeding Products. Let Birds find a good place to feed a water and Food without any disturbance in atmosphere with clean. This Amijivdaya bird Food and Water Feeder is perfect for your birds in your house to operate the product for birds easily and save birds. Amijivdaya bird food and water feeder is made up of Plastic material strong body it has high quality accessories in the top and it is manufactured in high tech machines.

Details in Breif:

  • Made of high Quality of Plastic Material which reduces the risk of damage.
  • High quality plastic is used in whole product which is safety for product in any atmosphere.
  • High Tech Machine used for making those products

Amijivdaya is the Only Manufactuer and Patent Owner seller of "Amijivdaya" Branded Products. Buyers are advised not to buy from any other unauthorized fraud sellers who have tagged their offers on our Product Page & are supplying fake, substandard & poor quality products.

Bird feeder which is used to attract a variety of garden bird. Give garden birds some tasty treats with this simple, but attractive bird feeder. Hang them up outdoors and watch all the birds fly in for a snack. Range of grain eating birds like sparrows, silver bills, munias to parakeets. Birds like pigeons will not be able to feed from this.



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