AntiqueShop Metal Flat Tip Tweezer and Plucker, Silver, 50 g (Pack of 2)

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AntiqueShop Flat Tip Tweezer & Plucker for Upper Lip, Eyebrows & Blackhead
* Presenting special edition Tweezer with rich enamel finish brilliance.
* The perfectly aligned slant grabs every hair , every time with the smoothest , true precision.
* Slant tip is the perfect angle for tweezing brows , tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
* To ease tweezing use a warm wash cloth to open pores and post tweezing , use cold water.
* Ever wonder why the pluck there has never been tweezers made specifically for men? Hey, let's face it, nobody likes to see excessive eyebrow or body hair.
* Hygiene and grooming are the epicenter to having sex appeal.
* Without proper grooming no amount of charm, muscles, or money will get a woman to stop staring at those stray hairs you missed. And never let a woman catch a glimpse of stray hairs again!



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