Aromatique Argan Oil 15ml

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Aromatique's Argan oil is to be 100% authentic,natural,unrefined,pure and hexane free. Aromatique 100% pure Argan oil significantly helps in improving dry scalp,restores damaged, frizzy, dead hair. The elasticity action of this Argan oil hydrates the hair with natural vitamins. Apart from its efficacious action on hair ,it is found to be highly effective on human skin and is non-oily, non greasy, and has deep penetration. Aromatique's Argan oil promotes hair growth naturally while diminishing hair loss. Argan oil keeps skin moisturized and controls acne,and fine lines without leaving skin dry. Aromatique's Argan oil is of highest quality and most authentic product available today.We guarantee your satisfaction. Medical Disclaimer: The product information is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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