Auravedic Lightening Lip Butter, 8gm (Pack Of 2)

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Natural ingredient oriented cosmetic product maker Auravedic is back with its latest Auravedic lip butter. The Auravedic Lip Butter with Pomegranate and Raspberry is made for those who suffer from extremely dry and cracked lips throughout the year. This specially designed lip butter not only heals your dry lips, but at the same time, it protects your lips from the harmful effect of sun and cold. The use of pure fruit essentials and natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter helps to nurture your lips from within. With regular use of this Pomegranate and Raspberry enriched lip butter, you will be able to get rid of chapped lips. As this lip butter is free from petroleum and harmful chemicals, it can be used on all skin types. The expert team of Auravedic has picked each ingredient very carefully to make this Auravedic lip butter.Apart from nourishing your lips, this lip butter also helps to lighten your lips. Often, due to excess consumption of tea or coffee, lips start to lose their natural colour. By using this lip butter regularly, you will be able to bring back that lost glow and colour to your lips. Pros Soft, lightweight texture makes it comfortable to wear for hours Helps to lighten your lips Regular use helps to heal dry and cracked lips Non greasy formula allows it to be used for all seasons Natural ingredients like Pomegranate, Cocoa butter helps to nourish lips naturallyAbsence of harmful chemicals make it compatible for all skintypes



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