Bareair Anti Pollution Natural Rhassoul Clay & Argan Oil Shampoo- 300 ML For Free Flowing Hair | Oily Scalps & Hair | Color Safe | For Women & Men

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Pollution particles may not be visible to your eyes, but this spectacular Argan clay shampoo made with pure & Natural ingredients,doesn't just see it all. It feels it in your hair and then swiftly acts to eliminate it.This Agan oil infused shampoo, provides the ultimate hydration. What's more, it's colour safe and rids hair of excess oil too.Thanks to the amazing properties of all-natural clay , you'll be left with a sense of lightness, hydration and a renewed sense of connection to the earth. Know More About Our Anti-Pollution Agent AFE: Alteromonas Ferment Extract is a new cosmeceutical ingredient produced by marine microbes, naturally present in the unique ecosystem of the French Polynesian atolls. It acts as a Natural shield and is able to directly combat the effects of environmental pollution on skin and hair. Tests also prove a reduction in free radical damages, protection from heavy metals (like cigarette smoke and fuel exhausts) and PM 2.5 pollution particles, resulting in luminous and healthy looking skin in just 7 days. What else you need to know: Safe for colored & Treated Hair. Free of Harmful Chemicals & Toxins like Parabens, SLS/SLES,Phthalates,Mineral oil, Silicones,Petroleum,Alchohl,PEG. Keywords - Bare Air Shampoo, Bare Air Anti Pollution Range


Bareair anti pollution shampoo is color safe and helps eliminate impurities and pollution particles and also excess oil. Natural rhassoul clay and argan oil infused shampoo moisturizes and hydrates from root to tip and gives you free-flowing locks. | HYDRATES & BOOSTS HAIR GROWTH : The powerful antioxidants ,nourishing fatty acids & vitamins in Argan oil & Amla keep your hair well hydrated, protect against styling damage and and boost hair growth. | OILY & ITCHY SCALP PROBLEM :This Shampoo is Infused with the Power of Rhassoul clay which cleanses impurities & itch from the scalp as well as excess oil. At the same time, its exfoliating and conditioning properties work to condition hair and to keep the scalp healthy. | STRONG AND SMOOTH : This unique formulation infuses your hair with the goodness of coconut oil and milk proteins that promote a healthy scalp and help in making the hair smoother, stronger and shinier. | Squeeze desired amount of shampoo onto your palm & gently massage into wet hair. Leave for 30 seconds before thoroughly washing out. Free of harmful chemicals & toxins like parabens, sls/sles, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones, petroleum, alcohol and peg. It is also COLOR SAFE. The active ingredient in all our products is AFE (altermonas ferment extract) which acts as a natural shield and is able to directly combat the effects of pollution on skin and hair.





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