bayer Bayer Luciara Cream, 50 g

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Hierodule with its unique mechanism Luciana profound and intense hydration of the epidermis, whereas conventional moisturizers only an effect on the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. Luciara meets the most stringent pharmaceutical standards, from selection of ingredients to the highest standards in clinical research and in its manufacturing process. Luciara the following features - increases skin moisture, it includes reliable pharmaceutical wetting (glycerol and lactate) - deep hydration of the skin, thanks to its unique mechanism hidrodual - long-lasting moisturizing effect - a minimal amount of ingredients, maximize skin tolerance during pregnancy - no hazardous substances have mom or baby. Have been avoided in its formulation prohibited for use in pregnancy substances - contains no unnecessary cosmetics (dyes, preservatives, lanolin.) to prevent skin irritation - not have perfumes, allergens are also troublesome for pregnant -have high lipid levels for greater efficiency - it's easy to apply, even over large areas; with excellent emollient properties, pleasant to the touch Luciara was evaluated in clinical studies of hydration at 24 hours and 4 weeks as well as clinical studies photosensitivity, phototoxicity and irritation, all with excellent results. Luciara has been rated good to excellent by 90 percent of participants in the studies. Luciara spreads evenly and is easily absorbed after application. It is recommended that this application is accompanied by a gentle massage for several minutes, in all places where it is administered, and every time the cream is applied. Furthermore, luciara has a neutral flavor, the result of the purity of their raw materials (no perfume or preservatives), for the convenience of the pregnant becomes especially sensitive to smells at this stage.



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