Bindu's Herbal Products Almond Scrub Cum Pack for Flawless Radiance Improving Skin Tone, Removes Marks and Pimple Blemishes and Dark Circles (100 g)

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Benefits of Bindu's Almond Scrub & Pack -
Bindu's Almond Scrub is an excellent exfoliating scrub that scrubs off dead skin cells leaving skin soft and smooth. It brightens up the skin and brings back radiance and glow to the face. It helps diminish blemishes and scars and keeps skin pores clean and fresh. It helps to achieve flawless skin with regular usage. It contains no Chemicals and Preservatives. It is suitable for all skin types.
It can be used by both men and women. It is recommended to store this product in an airtight container.

Mix 1tsp spoon of Almond Scrub & Pack with 3tsp of milk and soak it for 3 minutes. Gently massage all over the face, eyes, and neck in a circular movement and leave it for 10 minute to dry. Wash your face with water. Do not use soap or face wash. Use twice daily



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