Biotique Basil And Parsley Revitalizing Body Soap, 150g

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Ayurveda is the art of healing one?s body with natural holistic remedies. The product, Basil and Parsley Revitalizing Body Soap from Biotique, brings that same age old practices, into play to care for your skin gently, without any harmful chemicals or impurities, but providing you with fabulous results.


The brand Biotique is synonymous with natural holistic products devoid of any harsh chemicals. Their host of herbal products are the perfect anti-thesis, to the harmful modern day cosmetics, the repeated use of which takes a great toll on the body. Detox yourself with the rare treat that is this wonderful revitalizing body soap.


A doctor recommended catering specifically for people with super sensitive skin, this wonderful little product, is formulated from coconut, parsley and basil extracts. Nourishing care for the skin without any harmful dyes, hardening agents, or additives, this fantastic offering from Biotique is clinically tested and hypoallergenic. Treat the scarring diseases like ringworm, dermatitis infection and scabies with regular use, leaving your skin healthy, wealthy and wise.


A rich concoction of ingredients, that care deeply for skin detrimentally affected by the various impurities of the modern day life. Coconut oil, nut oil, tulsi, pudina, ritha oil, wheat oil, ikshuras and cleanser base come together to create a natural product that exfoliates the skin leaving it spotless.

How to apply?

Lather and apply generously to the skin and then gently massage, to receive wonderful results.

The soap is developed meticulously after blending traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. So buy the Biotique Body Soap without any fear of an allergic reaction, and enjoy the results of this refreshingly fragrant, fresh new product.



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