Blue Hut Reetha, Amla, Shikakai (Raw Herb) Natural Form Combo Pack (300 Grams)

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Benefits of Reetha Amla & Shikakai It is natural and free from harmful chemicals. Helps in removing dandruff. Strengthens hairs. Natural conditioner and cleaner. Beneficial in preventing hair loss. Your hairs become more shiny and healthy in appearance. Preparation: 1. Take equal quantity of dried Reetha, Amla, and Shikakai. Grind them (make sure you remove their seeds if any). This powder is used to prepare the shampoo. 2. Now add this powder (approx. 20 grams for waist length hair ) to 2-3 glasses of water and keep this mixture overnight. 3. Next morning, boil this mixture for approx. five minutes. Let it cool down to room temperature. Now strain the mixture using a sieve or a cloth. Wash your hair with this drained water. Make sure that it doesn't get into your eyes.



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