Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Brightening & Radiance Face Scrub 50g

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Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Brightening and Anti Ageing Detan Face Scrub is specially formulated with Vital Ayurvedic herbs like Kumkumadi, Turmeric, Sandalwood that are believed to help remove tan, improve fairness of Skin and improve appearance of uneven skin tone.

Combining Potent Kumkumadi Oil with 15 other Vital Herbs, Kumkumadi Brightening And Anti Ageing Exfoliating Face Scrub has de tan, skin lightening and anti ageing properties. Regular usage of Kumkumadi Anti Ageing Scrub may help to smoothen fines lines, improve appearance of dark circles under eyes . It is also believed to help fight other signs of ageing while promoting new cell growth. Additionally, Kumkumadi Brightening Scrub may help to reduce sun tan, brighten Skin, reduce pigmentation marks and may improve appearance of even Skin Tone.

Kumkumadi Oil is a key ingredient in Kumkumadi Detan Face Scrub which is believed to be helpful for face brightening and in fighting signs of ageing . Almond Oil in this facescrub provides vital Vitamin E to facial skin which helps facial skin nourish and hydrate naturally helping it attain a youthful appearance for a longer time.



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