Bombay Shaving Company Exfoliating Bath Soaps, 100g (Pack of 4)

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A pack of 4 exfoliating bathing soaps, expertly crafted by hand with a whole lot of love. Each handmade soap is made of natural, organic ingredients to pamper and protect the skin on your face and body. They help soothe, repair and soften your skin by providing it with the nutrition it needs.

Included: A Refreshing set of bath soaps for all skin types with Menthol and Poppy seeds; a Deep Cleansing bath soap for all skin types with Activated Charcoal and Coffee granules; an Oil Control bath soap for oily or acne-prone skin with Tea Tree extracts and Oatmeal; and a Moisturising soap for dry skin with Shea Butter extracts and Coconut husk.

Suitable soap kit for both men and women.

Disclaimer: As the soaps are handmade, slight variations in color, quantity and spread of exfoliant may occur.



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