BONSOUL All Natural and Pure Aloe Vera Gel | 99% Aloe Vera | Ideal for Dehydrated Skin | Hair, Face and Body (400 GMS)

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Bonsoul All Natural Aloevera Gel is made of 99% aloe vera juice, extracted from organically grown aloe vera plant, with natural thickener and fruit-derived preservative.


Mucilage, a type of sugar content in aloe vera, is hygroscopic, which helps in?áhydrating and gives smoother skin feel. Presence of amino acids facilitates optimal transport of other ingredients into skin.

Hair Conditioner:

Its?áhydrating?áproperties also make aloe vera an effective hair conditioner. For best result after applying the gel leave it for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Anti-Ageing & Skin Tightening:

Aloe vera stimulates cells to produce a type of protein called collagen,which nourishes and makes skin tighten, elastic and smooth i.e. less wrinkled.


Anti-oxidants (vitamins) in aloe vera gel neutralise free radical cells that result from skin's excessive exposure to UV radiation and, thus,?áreduce sunburns, redness, and give skin a soothing feel.


Presence of various enzymes, fatty acids, and a type of sugar (C-glucosylchromone) enables aloe vera inhibit inflammation in skin. Besides, magnesium lactate in aloe vera stops itching sensation that results from wounds, cuts, acne, burns, bites etc, and gives skin a calming effect.

Wound Healer:

The hormones and glucomannan (also a type of sugar) content in aloe vera speeds up the healingprocess with faster contraction of wounds, cuts, acne and burns.



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