Clean Home - Disposable OXO- Biodegradable Garbage Bags for Wet and Dry Waste (60 Pieces Green and 60 Pieces Blue) Medium Size- Total 120 Bags

Clean Home - Disposable OXO...
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Clean Home Garbage bags size medium (48 x 54 cm) (19 x 21 inch) green and blue color for wet and dry waste, combo pack of 2 Packets(30 bags in each Packet) of blue + 2 Packets ( 30 bags in each packet) of green = total 120 bags. Must for every kitchen for waste segregation. Super saver economy pack, very simple and descent quality bags, nothing extraordinary, bags made from recycled raw-material and eco-friendly, simple garbage bags with no frills attached. Designed with one thing in mind to provide consumers a very economic and effective way of garbage disposal and to maintain cleanliness all around



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