Cutishine Anti Acne (Pack of 2) Face Wash?á?á(140 ml)

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Cutishine soap free face wash is a specially formulated gentle cleanser which combines natural AHA and BHA with special skin lightening actives which offers synergistic action and stimulates shedding of dead skin cells thereby rejuvenating and purifying your skin, revealing underneath new radiant skin. Cutishine face wash also cleanses excess sebum (oil) and dirt, thereby helps to clear pimples. Tea Tree Oil ensures anti-bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin. It also reduces superficial wrinkles and ageing signs and its skin lightening actives also help to improve skin texture and complexion, giving enviable glow to the skin. It is ideal for all skin types.Directions: For best results use twice or thrice a day regularly. Ingredients: Glycolic Acid (2%), Salicylic Acid (0.50%), Liquorice Extract (1 %), Tea tree Oil (0.50%), Aloe Vera (2 %)



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