DeBelle Fairness Talc, White, 400g | Lavender Fragrance | Face & Body Talc

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DeBelle Fairness Talc has unique benefits of Pearl Dust, for smooth and even skin tone. It helps to brighten skin, keep you refreshed all day long. The goodness of Turmeric oil in the Talcum powder will moisturize and protect your skin. Having Menthol and turmeric oil, it serves as effective anti- bacterial and also promotes skin radiance. It is most effective in humid conditions to keep you dry, since it absorbs moisture very well. The fragrance of DeBelle fairness talc is very soothing and refreshing and makes you smell refreshed throughout. Made of premium quality ingredients, it is sure to last for long, absorb sweat and fight body odour. Enriched with Pearl Dust, this talc brings shine and glow while keeping your skin cool and comfortable. Ideal for daily use for both men and woman So try this magic glow talc, and ace up your confident self to let your freshness add that positive vibe around you .Bring Out the Beautiful You DeBelle



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