Devinez Aloe Vera Cold-Pressed Oil, 50ml 100% Pure, Natural, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade, for Skin Treatment, Face, Acne Scars, Hair Treatment, Moisturizer & Dark Circles

Devinez Aloe Vera Cold-Pres...
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Aloe Vera oil is the oil that is obtained from Aloe Vera plant by the process of maceration in some carrier oil. Aloe Vera oil provides brilliant health benefits for the skin, just like the aloe vera gel. Since it is turned into oil, this product has a longer shelf life and can be used even when fresh Aloe Vera plant is not available. Aloe Vera oil is good for treating skin wounds and for scalp conditioning. Aloe Vera oil contains the therapeutic properties from the base oil as well from the nutrients that it provides to the oil. Aloe Vera oil is a brilliant moisturizer for the skin. It reduces inflammation and other signs related to it. It has the ability to kill certain bacteria. This oil can be used to kill fungi that cause conditions like ringworm. The oil protects the skin from free radical damage, reduces skin irritation and shrinks the skin and makes it taut. Aloe vera oil speeds wound recovery.



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