Devinez Rosemary Essential Oil, 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted, Natural Relaxant For Skin, Muscle & Joints, For Use In Aromatherapy, Hair Conditioner, 100ml

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This Rosemary essential oil is obtained through the steam distillation extraction method of the fresh flowers of rosemary plant. It is a perennial herbal plant which is native to Asia but later cultivated in many parts of the world like France, Tunisia and Yugoslavia. This oil is highly beneficial in enhancing mental alertness and getting rid of nervous problems like stress, anxiety, etc. It has strong disinfecting properties due to which it is widely used for mouthwash.


Quantity: 100ml,Specially For: Natural Relaxant For Skin, Muscle & Joints, For Use In Aromatherapy, Hair Conditioner, 15ml | 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Rosemary Oil: It Is Extracted From The Fresh Flowering Tops Of Rosemary Plant, Botanically Known As Rosmarinus Officinails, Through The Method Of Steam Distillation. This Powerful And Purifying Oil Well-Known Among Aromatherapists For Use As A Massage Oil Due To The Presence Of A Wide Number Of Therapeutic Components In It. Ideal For Skin And Hair. | Powerful And Purifying: Since Antiquity, Rosemary Oil Has Been Renowned Among The Aroma Therapists Due To Its Ability To Calm And Relax The mental Conditions. Use Few Drops Of This Oil In Aroma Diffuser Or Ultrasonic Humidifier To Spread A Calming Aroma Within The Interiors For Attaining A Balanced State Of The Mind And Body. | Improves Energy Levels And Mood: A Few Drops Of This Oil Is Ideal To Relax The Body And Mind For A Rejuvenating Feel. If You Are Looking Forward To Having An Affair With This Amazing Oil For A Happy, Energetic And Vibrant Feel, Just Dilute It In A Carrier Oil And Take A Light Massage Around The Head, Neck, Back And Sinus Pressure Points. Do This To Get An Out-Of-The-World Feel. | Tension Relief and Fresh Aroma - The fresh and soothing aroma of Rosemary oil helps in Tension Related Conditions and has a revitalizing effect.





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