DUZE Charcoal Face Scrub For Deep Cleansing & Blackhead Removal De Tan Scrub for Oily Skin & Normal skin, with Charcoal & Walnut for Deep Exfoliation For Men & women, 3.5 Oz (100G) (SCRUB PACK OF 1)

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The Charcoal Scrub May Be Black, But It Will Brighten Your Skin! Get the DUZE Activated Charcoal Face Scrub and exfoliate the skin of your entire body and face at home! Don't let that dark color fool you! After your massage your face and body with the charcoal scrub, your skin will be brighter than ever! The charcoal scrub is used as a skin lightening product, so after regular use, your skin complexion will be more even and lighter. Your Skin Has Never Been Softer! Apart from making your skin bright and healthy, the charcoal exfoliating scrub will also make it baby soft and silky smooth. The charcoal exfoliate and remove all of the dead cells, so your dry and flaky skin will look and feel slick and shiny. Are you not convinced? Then get the activated charcoal scrub and start massaging your dry skin areas with it! Natural And Pure Charcoal, Nothing Less And Nothing More! Our activated charcoal face scrub is made with pure charcoal and zero chemicals and additives. So feel free to exfoliate your face and GENTLE EXFOLIATING CARE for the face that becomes dull, lifeless and rough due to dead skin cells, blackheads, impurities, everyday exposure to pollution and tan



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