Elegant Enterprise High Filtration FFP2 Certified and N95 Willow Shape mask for face Anti Pollution and protective Face mask for men and women | Flat fold style | (6)

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Protect yourself and your loved ones from pollution and germs with the N95 Anti-Pollution Mask.FEATURES: PARTICLE FILTRATION - Respirator face masks filter out 95% of airborne particles such as harmful pollutants, dust, smoke, and other allergens allowing you to breathe easier. ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Respirator masks should comfortably fit most adults and children, and can be used year round when visiting public areas such as grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, post offices, and more. Class N95 / FFP2 High Performance Filter BFE>95% Anti-Pollution & anti-bacterial mask Welded ear loops/headband Superior technology microfine filter media Proects form suspended matters like allergen, bacteria, pollutanta etc. Flat fold style User Friendly Easy to store after useHow to use N95 Face Mask ? STEP 1: Hold the mask in your hand. Place it firmly on your nose, chin and mouth. STEP 2: Stretch and position the bottom band under the ears. Then position the top band at the back of your head. STEP 3: Press the metal wire against the bridge of your nose to fit on your face. STEP 4 - YOU ARE PROTECTED: Perform a fit check by breathing in and out. Check if there is air leakage around the face.



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