ELIBLISS Red Onion ( Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Oil ) (300ml+300ml+200ml)

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ELIBLISS Red Onion ( Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Oil ) (300ml+300ml+200ml)


FOR ALL HAIR TYPES : We mean it-- textured, curly or straight, thick, coarse or fine, color treated or natural. Whatever hair texture you’re working with, ELIBLISS Red Onion Hair Oil is your new go-to for beautifully-styled hair | TAME FRIZZ & FLYAWAYS Wild & untamed are words that should describe you, not your hair. ELIBLISS Red Onion Hair Oil has your back with an infusion of exotic botanicals, essential oils and vitamins that turn up the shine, lock in moisture, detangle, and fight frizz | STRONG AND THICK HAIR : ELIBLISS onion shampoo contains natural ingredients that strengthens your weak hair and also promotes hair growth, anti hair falls control, strengthens hair roots and removes dandruff. ELIBLISS onion shampoo for hair fall and dandruff | NOURISHES & PROTECTS : Enriched with the premium-quality botanical extracts and loaded with vital nutrients, the hair conditioner supplies superior nourishment to the tresses that help to repair the damaged hair and decrease the risk of further hair damage | NATURAL & TOXIN FREE :The products are completely free of Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Colors & Synthetic Fragrance





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