FABEYA Apple Cider Vinegar Cream, 340 ml

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Fabeya apple cider vinegar massage cream - no parabens, - 340 ml pack of 1free from active ingredient: Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your skin. This works by restoring the proper ph levels to your skin, and beta-carotene helps to counter future skin damage. Plus apple cider vinegar left overnight on age spots, pimples or acne scars will help reduce their appearance. Apple cider vinegar fights wrinkles. Apple cider vinegar is great for curing acne because it returns the acidity to our skin and restores that acid mantle. It also kills bacteria, removes excess dirt, oil and makeup and dissolves dead skin cells. Excellent for elbows, knees, heels, feet or any dry patch of skin. Moisturizes and nourishes your skin, lessens wrinkles and blemishes. Best for all skin types. Gives your skin a younger, softer and smoother look. specification:free from paraben, active ingredient: Apple cider vinegar ultimate skin moisturizer and natural hydrating properties. Moisturizes and gives a glowing look to the skin. Fabeya deals in wide range of beauty products for men's and women's like scrub and body gel, etc.



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