FACESCANADA Urban Glow Clarifying Creamy Foaming Cleanser?á, 125 ml

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#Beautifulbeginswithyou faces Canada urban glow clarifying creamy foaming cleanser?á125ml #be skin smart skin radiation, rejuvenation and hydration, all-in-one! 1. Developed in Sweden 2. Wild pansey's anti-inflammatory benefits help soothe skin dryness and redness 3. Meadowsweet's anti-oxidant properties stunt skin ageing and help reduce dark spots 4. Peas, rich in anti-oxidants, extend a natural looking glow to the skin 5. Infused with glycerine for a soft and supple skin. The ingredient story: 1. Wild pansey: ?áa natural herb, enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits, helps maintain the skin's moisture while toning it. It accelerates microcirculation and leaves the skin revitalized. 2. Meadowsweet: an exfoliating agent rich in salicylic acid, stimulates skin pore tightening, subsequently eliminating dirt and pimple causing bacteria 3. Peas: an organic source rich in anti-oxidants, prevents skin aging and leaves the skin with a natural glow 4. Glycerine: a calming agent, makes skin moist and soft with every wash 5. Paraben and cruelty free about the faces Canada urban glow: in today's world, we are amid numerous unavoidable environmental impurities like dirt, pollution and harmful UV rays. In addition to these, a busy lifestyle, leads to improper cleansing of skin, ultimately leading to dead skin accumulation and hyperpigmentation. We, at faces Canada, have brought together the power of nature and science and coined a range of skin brightening products. An answer to all your skin worries!.



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