Fevicol 1 KG Craft Glue Ultimate Adhesive for Student?s Project Work - Craft Glue & Office Glue Refill Pack

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Fevicol MR is a synthetic white adhesive used to stick paper, cardboard, thermocol, fabrics, etc. It is also used in handicrafts activities like doll making, shell crafts, collage making and Lamasa (Italian Art for making articles using a paste of hot corn flour, linseed oil, lime, oil colours & Fevicol MR). Stronger bond, premium quality, non-toxicity, non-staining & ready to use. Fevicol MR is used by students, housewives, craftsmen, artists etc. Children/students mainly use small packs up to 50g. In nursery schools, the larger packs (500g, 1 kg) are also used, wherein the teachers distribute adhesive to students.



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