Fiama Scents Body Wash with Juniper and Geranium, Shower Gel with Skin Conditioners, 8 hour fragrance lock technology, tested by dermatologists, 250 ml bottle

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Keep your mood uplifted after every bath with Fiama Scents Juniper & Geranium Body Wash which is made using our best ever fragrance technology. This unique body wash with 8 hour touch activated fragrance encapsulation technology has skin- friendly beads that get locked on to your skin when you bathe. These beads can be unlocked with just a rub, anywhere for up to 8 hours after your shower. Indulge in a fun, foamy bathing experience with the exotic fragrances of juniper berries and geranium flowers and enjoy its long lasting freshness. It doesn't just keep you fresh for up to 8 hours, it also showers love on your skin and keeps you moisturised. Fiama Scents Body Wash will uplift your every sense and keep you happy after every bath. All you need to do to enjoy the Fiama Scents Body Wash experience is to follow three easy steps - wash, dry and touch to activate.



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