GINNI Fragranced Magic Tablet Disposable Coin Towels Coin Tissue Expands With Water (Pack of 2, 100 Pcs)

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?Brand: GINNI

About The Product:

  • Coin Tissue is made from 100% natural fibre and its shape is just like a coin.
  • It is very soft, Hygienic, durable and environment-friendly Product.
  • Ideal use is before and after meals at banquets, restaurants, weddings, house parties. I
  • t is a perfect companion for journeys.

GINNI?áCoin Tissues or Napkins are Compressed Dry High-Quality Tissue,

A Full-Size Tissue Hydraulically Compressed in a Shape of Coin and is Made of 100% Natural Pulp, it is Soft, Soothing and Refreshing, Ordinary Water Tissue Contains Preservatives which may Cause Allergic Reactions or Side-Effects Such as Rashes or Skin Infections,

Furthermore, When Stored for a Long Period Ordinary Wet Tissue Can Easily Develop Bacteria and Fungus,

However?áGinni Coin Tissue is in Dry Form and Cannot be Contaminated by Germs or Fungus, it is 100% Healthy & Hygienic all you have to do is Pour Water On Dry Coin Tissue and it Magically Grows to its Full-Size Functional Napkin, Depending on the Water Poured, it can be used as Hot or Cold Tissue.



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