Ginni Vigo Refreshing & Cleansing Wet Wipe Single Sachet Men Women Hand Face Tissues Alcohol Free (50 Pieces)

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"? Brand: GINNI About The Product: The thought of going outdoors makes you think of dirt, dust, and pollution. To combat these harsh conditions GINNI introduces Vigo wet wipes. These wipes are pocket-sized, skin-friendly and perfect to clear away all your hygiene blues. GINNI Vigo instantly calms sun stressed skin. It is lint-free and much more refreshing than ordinary paper tissues. Now go out tension free whenever, wherever. Wipe Size- 150 mm 150 cleansings your face can be a challenge while you are on the go. Packed with the goodness of Natural Ingredients, GINNI moisturizing facial wipes help moisturize and soothe your skin while effectively removing dirt. The natural, gentle formulation instantly refreshes your skin and helps maintain the moisture balance. In addition to keeping your face moisturized, Ginni moisturizing facial wipes are a boon for those wearing makeup. Enriched with natural ingredients, our facial wipes help cleanse your skin gently. Remove makeup without mess up! ? These instant clean up wipes possess the goodness of natural aloe and glycerine to retain the moisture of the skin.? Unclogs pores to help the skin feel refreshed. With mild & gentle formulation for deep cleaning even the waterproof makeup. Ginni moisturizing facial wipes / Make up removers are soft and do not contain alcohol.      "



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