Giovanni Organic Straight Fast! Hair Straightening Elixir with No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Mineral Oil, No Colours, No PEG, USDA Certified Organic 200ml (Made in USA)

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Most cosmetics companies manufacture products are based on how they feel on the skin momentarily, how good and attractive they look, how good they smell, how long they last on the shelf and how fast the cosmetics give results in the short term. In doing the above, there is a total disregard to the harmful chemicals that are going into these products and potentially harming skin. These cosmetics surely provide short term superficial results, but actually encourage long term damage, pre mature ageing, hormonal imbalances and cancer. Giovanni organic cosmetics is America's number one organic cosmetics brand. It contains up to 94 percentage pure certified organic ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. Founded by arthur giovanni hairstylist of top us celebrities, giovanni says no to the following potentially harmful chemicals found in most cosmetics products today no parabens a cheap preservative. A proven cause of cancer, no sodium lauryl sulphate a cleaning agent often used as a degreaser in garages. Increases dryness of hair, no artificial colors have been found to cause nausea, mood swings, headaches and fatigue, no mineral oil forms a barrier which prevents the evaporation of water through the skin thereby impeding the skin's ability to release toxins, no phthalates plasticizer. May cause sever hormonal imbalances, no propylene glycol prevents creams from drying out. May cause hypersensitivity, skin and eye irritation, no triethanolamine an emulsifier. Carcinogenic and long term exposure can lead to heart, liver or kidney damage, no formaldehyde cheap preservative. Intensely irritating, toxic and known skin sensitizer. Our world is full of chemicals as pollution. Lets keep these away from our bodies say no to chemicals.



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