Go Organic Mulethi Powder, 250 g

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Go Organic Mulethi powder is a 100% organic powder with no added chemicals and pesticides. Mulethi powder organic is great for your skin as this tighten up your pores and removes pigmentation. You can even use mulethi powder for face mask as this is good in lightening skin. It is also considered to be an excellent cleanser. The regular use of this will fade away the blemishes. Mulethi powder for face beauty is well known as it has so many uses. This helps you to get rid of dry skin, skin rashes and hydrates the skin well. Not only skin but it is even good for your health. As mulethi powder for health have several benefits it is used in medicines across the world, helps to fight respiratory elements, to get rid of sore throat etc. It is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Mulethi powder has antibacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties. Mulethi powder for skin protects your skin from sun tan and sunburns. It is pure mulethi powder with no chemicals in it and super beneficial for skin and health.



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