Grandeur Vitamin E Oil with blend of Canola Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Moringa Oil for Dry, Rough And Fizzy Hair And Glowing Skin 3.38FL.OZ 100ml

Grandeur Vitamin E Oil with...
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A Oil Made from Vitamin E for the Preventation of Stretch Marks GRANDEUR Vitamin E Oil Softens and Moisturize Dry and Itchy Skin and Improves the Appearance of Skin tone by Removing Stretch Marks. It is Also Recomended for Face massage and Skin Toning. Vitamin E-Oil keeps your body healthy,anti oxident,moisturised. Vitamin E-Oil contains essential natural oils of Almond,Apricot,Avocodo,Sunflower,Wheat Germ to keep skin soft. Benefit : Provide rich moisture,keep skin soft,All-over body nourishment. How to Use : Use alone all over the body or add a few drops to your favourite body lotion. essences quality pure, no stimulation, each and essence separate sealed packaging, no pollution, each with one to ensure that each use are fresh concentrated essence perfect care of your skin Completely free of additives and preservatives. It's a great skin nourisher enriched with the goodness of vitamin E & wheat germ. It lightens the stretch marks & makes the skin smooth



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