Green & Brown Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin, White, 200 ml

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Indulge yourself with green andamp, browns 100 percent pure extra virgin coconut oil loaded with saturated fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin k and e, and iron.


Natural essence: Extracted from fresh coconuts through press mill and gentle heating process, and percent with care to preserve its vital nutrients in their purest form | Skin treatment: The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties in coconuts reduce impurities and increase hydration. Use it as a makeup-remover, organic lip balm or cuticle nourisher | Hair treatment: Coconut oil is a blessing for almost all types of hair, and is probably the most effective conditioner ever. It helps with damaged hair, adds lustrous shine, prevents breakage | Green & Brown believes in the power of the choicest gifts that mother nature has to offer, which is why we choose nature's specialities for your various need through natural beauty products





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Green And Brown Coconut Oil 200 ML



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