GreenLoop - Bamboo Plant Food (& for Money Plants) - Liquid Fertilizer for Aquatic Plants (in Water), Two Bottles, Each 30 ml.

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GreenLoop BAMBOO Plant Food is perfect answer for "what to use for my aquatic plants". You cannot use Khaad / manure, as it will spoil the water. You cannot use normal fertilizer, as it will burn the plants. Use GreenLoop BAMBOO Plant Food, for Aquatic plants like Lucky Bamboo, Money plants, Water Lily. Contains best-in-class inorganic ingredients - NPKS fortified with essential micro-nutrients that work in practically any pH of soil. For healthy growth of plants. Works on all kind of plants. Very Easy to use. Normally, water is replaced once a week for Lucky Bamboo and Money plants. Just add 10-15 drops of this concentrate in water of the plant, whenever you are changing its water. More specifically, add 10 per half liter of water. This Liquid concentrate is in 30 ml bottles. Each bottle lasts more than 6 months per plant. Easy & mess free. Very convenient. Each Pack contains TWO Bottles of 30 ml each - sufficient to provide more than 6 months of nutrition for Two Indoor plants. Has shelf life of 12 months when stored in shade. Keeps the plants healthy & greener, with leaf growth. This is a special Plant Food for all kind of AQUATIC plants. This is a special & gentle Plant Food, as aquatic plants cannot use normal fertilizer Please use as per recommended dosage only. Do not overdose. Slow is better for aquatic plants. Does NOT contain any pesticide or insecticide. Has shelf life of 12 months when stored in shade.



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