GUBB Pedicure Kit For Women & Men, Pedicure Kit For Feet 7 In 1

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GUBB 7 in 1 'Pedicure' Kit contains a toe 'nail cutter', a pair of toe nail spacer, a 'cleaning brush', a 'pumice stone', a callus rasp, and 2 shine 'nail buffer'. Complete 'pedicure' kit for a quick 'manicure and pedicure at home'. Toe Nail clipper: trims nails smoothly & easily, Nail Buffer & shiner: smoothen ridges, buffs shines nail surface for perfect finish, Callus rasp: safely removes callus, Pumice stone: scrubs your feet to remove dead skin, Cleaning brush: to clean your nails and your foot, Toe nail spacer: to help you paint nails. GUBB USA grooming range is specially designed to meet modern needs and to make personal grooming a fun task than just boring routine. All our products encourage the habit of Do It Yourself (DIY) grooming in the comfort of your home, also great for people who travel frequently. With GUBB you deserve to be pampered and be beautiful inside out, all day everyday! Please Note: GUBB USA is the only authorized seller to sell this product. Other sellers may be selling a different product with inferior quality for which Gubb USA is not responsible.



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