Gypsy Easy To Use Hygienic, Flushable & Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers Travel Pack For Skin Protection In Public Toilet (Set of 5 Packs)

Gypsy Easy To Use Hygienic,...
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Gypsy Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers Set of 5 Packs. Each pack contains 15 sheets. ( Total 75 Sheets/Covers in a Set ) Gypsy Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers: - Toilet seats at public washrooms are unhygienic to sit on even if they look clean and sparkling. They are not sanitized all the time. As per research, public toilet seat has about 50 bacteria per square inch. To avoid that put a sanitary barrier between you and those germs with a Gypsy disposable paper toilet seat cover, that can be safely flushed away after use. These soft, biodegradable paper that protects your skin comes in a small, lightweight pack which fits easily into any handbags/purses, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Useful in places like public restrooms, offices, colleges, trains, flights, restaurants, gym, A foldable break paper tab- seat cover, which can be flushed when done with its use. Made from Pure Virgin Pulp Not Recycled Paper, Great piece of mind travel accessory. BENEFITS OF THIS PRODUCT: Paper Covers are in a Compact, Travel Pack and Fit over a Standard Toilet Seat Hygienic and easy to use Fits in to backpacks, purses and pockets Ideal while traveling, camping or anywhere away from home. For women's hygiene Recommended for pregnant women Wetness and germ barrier Soft and comfort Flushable Stick in place 100% Biodegradable. Extra-large coverage protects skin and clothing.



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