H&C 100% Natural Walnut Shell Powder (227g) for Scrub Formulation

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H&C Walnut shell powder is know to be one of the best abrasive and natural solution to cosmetic scrubs. It is made using crushed walnut shells (out skin on walnuts), which are hard, yet soft for using in formulating facial scrubs. Its free from any hazardous chemicals or silica or pesticides. H&C's Walnut shell powder is drown from specific sieving method, to get you most suitable mesh (particle size), for cosmetic formulations. It particle size is not so big, that it will bruise you skin, nor so fine that it do not give any exfoliants or scrubbing effect. Its very much safe and easy to use as a cosmetic ingredient in making : Facial scrubs, skin cleansers, peeling creams, exfoliants, foot scrubs and lotions.



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