Heelmate Cracked Heel Repair Specialist Cream Oinment (Pack Of 2)

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Heelmate is a specially formulated cream to repair Cracked and Painful Heels. It has a Unique scientific blend of Urea, Lanolin, Glycerine & Petroleum Jelly, Powered with the natural goodness of Calendula, Daruhaldi, Jasmine, Kokum Butter. Heelmate has proven Visible results in just 3 days on proper usage and maintenance. All ingredients safe and globally popular for heel care. Heelmate Repairs, Protects, Heals, Softens and Rejuvenates Heels. It has a Pleasant and Attractive fragrance. Unlike others, Heelmate is a water-based formula, doesn't leave any stains behind on your clothes or bedding and can be applied at any time of day. Heelmate Heel Repair Cream is a water based cream and contains a unique blend of finest components approved by Podologists worldwide. No greasy stains, no smell and no rash effects on the skin. Heelmate hydrates the and soothes the skin and helps repair chapped & dry skin. Aqua Magnet Technology is Heelmate's trademark technology that has a 3 step action of Attract-Lock-Heal for cracked heel repair. ATTRACT: 2 ingredients attract moisture from inside-&-out to heels. LOCK: 2 ingredients lock the moisture at heels. HEAL: 4 natural extracts reduce swelling, provide pain relief and soften the heel. All 8 ingredients are mixed by a special technique to make a non-greasy, water-based Heelmate cream.Pack Of 2 (10 gm each).



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