Herbal Hills Certified Organic Amla Powder Edible for Hair Growth, Skin Care, 200 gms

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The botanical name of Amla is Emblica Officinalis and it is cultivated using traditional methods to improve its efficacy and effectiveness. Herbal Hills Amla powder is manufactured with optimum care and using the best quality herbs. You can make your hair look shinier and your skin look glowing with Amla powder for hair and Amla powder for skin. Amla powder for skin and hair contains various nutrients. Amla powder may include Vitamin C which is essential for your eyes. However, this herbal dietary supplement is also used for healthy well-being. This herbal dietary supplement also possesses laxative, stimulant, alterant, hair tonic etc. properties. Additionally, with a high content of Vitamin C & iron, this Indian gooseberry may help in increasing the red blood cell count. Additionally, this immune system supplement may enhance immunity and help to strengthen the heart. The main benefit of this herbal dietary supplement is to help to promote hair and skin care. Additionally, it is suggested to enhance the overall immune health.


Certified Organic Amla Powder, 100% Gluten Free and Vegan Amla Fruit Powder | Organic Amla Powder Rich and Excellent Source of Natural Vitamin C for Skin, Eyes and Hair and promotes healthy digestion | Organic Amla Powder Cleanses Skin by cleaning pimples | Organic Amla Powder Fights Dandruff, Minimize Grays, Boosts Volume | Organic Amla Powder Detoxifies the body system, helps to remove toxins naturally, acts as anti-oxidant and increases energy levels





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