Herbal Monks Red Onion Hair Tonic for Hair Re-growth, Anti Hair Fall & Anti Dandruff - 200 ml - Ayurvedic Product

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Red Onion Hair Tonic from Herbal Monks is a daily use hair tonic mist spray for men and women. This Ayurvedic product helps reduce hair fall and promotes hair re-growth. Product also helps in dandruff related problems for all the age group. This is a 100% herbal product with zero harsh chemicals used. Sulphur content in red onion helps nourishing hair follicles by enhancing the keratin. A good massage with onion extract can help increase blood circulation, further helping in hair growth. Red onions antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties help to keep scalp away from infections, further promoting healthy hair growth. Red onion hair spray by Herbal Monks is a blend of seven herbal extracts. Red onion being the key-ingredient this product focuses on promoting hair re-growth and helping in hair fall reduction. Product also helps to reduce dandruff problems by promoting healthy scalp conditions. Sahrayogam is the reference for this product and all the ingredients are organic and collected from the purest source.



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