HerbsLand ® Bio organic Pure and Natural Wild Turmeric Powder for Skin and Face Care for Skin Whitening (100 gm)

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HerbsLand Presents HerbsLand "Wild turmeric /Kasturi turmeric Powder"

Wild turmeric/Kasturi turmeric is also known as Curcuma Aromatica, an exceptionally amazing gift of nature. It possesses almost every property that your skin demands. . It has been in traditional use as an aromatic medicinal cosmetic and considered to be very effective for the skin use. Kasturi Turmeric is widely used for facial hair removal and also used as bathing powder. Wild turmeric is the best anti-ageing agent to fight against wrinkles. We source wild turmeric from organic farmers of Western Ghats region of Kerala and make it in powdered form to ensure 100% pure and natural products made available to our buyers.

Use wild turmeric powder in the following ways for different skin problems:

1. Use wild turmeric along with honey to get glowing skin.

2. Use with rose water if you have oily skin.

3. Mixture of wild turmeric and coconut oil lowers growth of unwanted hair.

4. Use it with butter milk to reduce marks and wrinkles.

5. Daily usage of wild turmeric with red sandalwood powder would reduce acne. It also helps to remove stretch marks

6. If you have sensitive skin, never use wild turmeric alone. Use it along with conditioning agents like milk etc.



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