HillDews Castor Oil 200ml Cold Pressed Pure Unrefined For Skin Moisturizing, Hair Growth Oil, Beard Growth, Eyebrow Eyelashes Growth - Free From Paraben, Hexane and Mineral Oil

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Castor Oil - Cold Pressed - 200 Ml

Castor Oil Is One Of The Best Oil To Handle All Types Of Skin And Hair.

Castor Oil Is Extracted From The Castor Seeds Using The Cold Press Method, Hence Keeping All The Nutrients Inside It. Extracted Oil Is Thick, Odourless And Tasteless.

Castor Oil Has Been Used For Hundreds Of Years As A Home Remedy. It Contains Omega 6, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, As Well As Other Vitamins And Minerals Which Provide Nutrition To Hair Follicles. This Rich, Concentrated Blend Of Fatty Acids And Essential Vitamins Works To Nourish, Strengthen, And Seal The Right Amount Of Moisture Into Your Hair.

Benefits Of Castor Oil:

Castor Oil Promotes Better Hair Growth And Helps Nourish And Hydrate The Skin.
Mositurizes The Skin And Nourishes The Hair, Preventing From Drying.
Castor Oil Softens And Hydrates As It Absorbs Deep Into The Skin.
Stimulates, Strengthens,Thickens And Darkens The Hair.
Castor Oil Reduces The Body Heat And Keeps Cool.
Reduces Dandruff And Lices In The Hair.

Castor Oil Is One Of Known Oil Used For Massaging.

Direction To Use:

For Skin : Dip A Unbleached Cotton Cloth And Apply It On The Skin Twice A Day. Apply A Few Drops On Your Skin And Massage It Well On Your Skin Every Day Or Night.
For Hair : Apply 5 Drops Of Castor Oil Along With Few Drops Of Coconut Oil Into Your Moist Hair And Scalp And Massage Until The Scalp Is Coated With Oil.Leave For Several Hours Or Overnight.Wear A Shower Cap After Applying The Oil.Repeat The Process Twice A Week And Wash Normally With Mild Shampoo.

Castor Oil Is Also Free From Other Additives And Preservatives, Ensuring That The Whole Product Itself Is 100% Pure, Natural And Safe For Use



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