HillDews Multani Mitti Powder (Fuller's Earth) - 200 gms With Spoon

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Multani Mitti or bentonite clay or Fuller's Earth is a world famous mineral from india. It is an excellent skin-cleansing agent that helps to clean the oily skin, dirt and dead cells. Multani Mitti is also called as miracle clay, which used by Indian womens as a beauty enhancing mask.BENEFITS OF MULTANI MITTI : - Removes all dead skins, excess oil and skin impurities. - Its a Very good cleanser. - Its a very good Natural body wash. - Tones the skin and brightens complexion. - Treats sunburns. - Helps for good blood circulation. - Reduces the body heat. Multani Mitti cleanses the skin and eliminates excess oil and impurities. It Soothes and tones the skin. DIRECTION TO USE : - Make a thin paste of Multani Mitti Powder with water or rose water and apply to facial skin and body skin. Leave the paste until its gets dried and then wash normally with water. - Multani Mitti can also be used to clean hair. Make a thin paste of Multani mitti with water and apply the paste thoroughly on hair and scalp. Leave for 20-30 mins and then wash normally with water.



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