HIT Rat/Mouse Glue Pad - No Smell, Non Poisonous, Easy to Use Repellent (Pack of 5 Regular Size) - Yellow & Red

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HIT Rat Glue Pad is an easily disposable trap for catching rats. It has no smell and is non - poisonous. It has a superior non-stick design with strong glue for maximum effectiveness. Simply open the pack and place it near entry-exit points where rats appear. Place more traps if infestation is high. Release the rat by pouring vegetable oil. Dispose the glue pad along with rat, once rat has got stuck to the glue. Keep the glue pad away from children and pets. Avoid exposure to sunlight or moisture. If glue is stuck somewhere, use kerosene/vegetable oil. Also available in jumbo size, pack of 3 glue pads. The glue pad can be used in home and office spaces.



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