INDUS VALLEY 100% Organic, Natural Combo of Cold Pressed Almond Oil - (100ml) & Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100ml)

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Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil' is obtained by the cold pressing and grinding of natural olives, using a granite milestone press. This Natural olive oil is especially cold pressed at lower temperatures to help retain its essential aroma and nutritional value. This amazing Olive oil makes for an excellent No chemical massage oil that helps to strengthen muscles and bones in a completely natural manner which combats osteoporosis in an effective way. Its benefits are not only restricted as the Oil for strengthening bones, rather Olive oil for skin yields magical results. It helps to improve the health of the skin and olive oil has regenerative powers that help to combat damage as incurred due to the skin damaging free radicals and UV rays of the sun, thus giving you smoother, healthier and softer skin while firming and toning it to the core. This no chemical Moisturising oil is especially cold pressed from the best quality of Olives it also works best as the Olive oil for baby massage. Being rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, B, E and D, fatty acids, proteins and anti-oxidants, 'Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil' also provides for the ideal solution as the best Olive oil for hair growth that also improves the scalp and hair health in a considerable manner. This amazing solution can be used as the Oil for weight loss that is completely safe for application on all skin kinds to be precise. 'Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil' is the all-in-one complete product that comes with a host of benefits to its credit and that too without any kind of side effects for the matter



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