INDUS VALLEY 100% Pure and Natural Basil Essential Oil for Hair & Face Care (15ml)

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Indus Valley Basil Essential oil is derived from Osmium plant. Basil pure essential oil is very famous for its positive effects on skin and hair care. It is very useful in maintaining a healthy and dirt free scalp and it also fight against dandruff and make your hairs stronger and thicker from its roots. Basil oil for hair, it nourishes your scalp and saturates it. Basil essential oil for skin, it's very useful in curing your acne and breakouts and maintains clear and glowing skin as it detoxifies your skin from the deepest layer of your skin. Basil oil for skin, it's also works as a muscle relaxant and helps to improve the conditioning of aching muscles. When diffused release negative ions into the atmosphere that clears mold, infections, dust and metal particles from the air. Add few drops to water in a diffuser or humidifier and witness its beautiful aroma.



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