INDUS VALLEY Bio Organic 100% Natural Original Premium Quality Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate)- 250gm

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Indus Valley Bio Organic Epsom Salt?áwith mineral rich magnesium sulfate?áis anabsolute?áwonder bundle for skin moisturization and hair conditioning which helps ease muscle aches and pains, shed dead skin cells, soothe feet and lessen stress.?áEpsom Salt can be used to make DIY, bath bombs, scrubs, and other beneficial products. Epsom salt body wash encourage relaxation and relieve stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. 100% naturally infused Epsom salt, without?áany chemical and adulteration thoroughly prosper the dry skin with remarkable?ágleam and?ásmoothness Because of its exfoliant properties it makes a great solution to remove dryness from feet and also?áheals the dry lips.?áEpsom salt is a good addition to your hair care routine as hair gets suitable sustenance with the utilization of it and effects in volumizing and?ástrengthening of the hair. Epsom salt helps in?áremoval of oil from hair strands and gives a healthy shiny look to hair.


PURPOSE 1- Hair Volumizing Conditioner

  • Grind 2tbsp of Epsom salt in a mixer and mix 4 tbsp of regular conditioner.
  • Prepare a mixture and store in a glass bottle.
  • Prewash your hair and towel dry and then apply the mixture.
  • Gently massage your hair for 2 minutes and rinse out with lukewarm water.
  • Now towel dry your hair.

PURPOSE 2-Skin Soothing Mask

  • Grind 1 teaSpoon of Epsom salt in a mixer and mix 3 tbsp of almond oil, 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of rose water.
  • Prepare a mixture and store it in a glass jar.
  • Apply the mixture to face and all over your body.
  • Keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash out your face & body with warm water and pat dry.



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