Indus Valley Bio Organic Color Protection Aloe Vera Gel With Argan Oil For Rich Colour & Shiny Hair (175ml)

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Indus Valley Organic Color Protection Aloe Vera Gel is absolutely 100% pure aloe vera gel, obtained from the foothills of the Himalayas. Aloe Vera, the miracle plant is ideal remedy for solving majority of your hair woes. It is a lightweight in nature and penetrates through scalp to keep it soft and well protected from sun's radiation.

This natural gel helps in cleansing, nourishing and protecting hair from environmental damage. This gel is a color protection gel made with aloe vera, almond extract, Argan oil, wheat germ seed which is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer. Also it naturally helps increase hair's elasticity and consistency, restores shine to dull & lifeless hairs. This natural color protection gel for hair is a very good moisturizer and it conditions your hair well. Use it daily to keep your hair young, radiant and well-protected. 

The hair color protection gel will provide complete protection to hairs from possible damage factors. Makes your hair Color lasts long while maintaining vibrant glow of hairs. Work wonderfully if applied at night on hair.


The Color Protection Aloe Vera Gel is lightweight and penetrates through scalp to keep it soft. | It protects your color from fading, making it lasts longer so you have vibrant, salon-like color for longer. | It is unisex aloe vera gel for all type-hairs. Use it daily to keep your hair young, vibrant & healed. | Well-protected from the sun's radiation. | Steps to use: Take a dab of the gel in clean and dry hands. Apply on scalp and hair thoroughly.





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