Indus Valley Colour Protective Shampoo Conditioner Combo For Hair Care- Without Sles, No Parabens, Ph 5.5, No Alkali & Tear Free (200 ml and 100 Ml)

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Indus valley exceptional combo of color protective shampooing conditioner comes out to be very handy for effective conditioning of the hairs. Color protective shampooing conditioner 200ml among them provides long lasting stability of hair color. It is generally preceded by a hair color. It comprises natural ingredients and is free from parabens and SLES. In fact a person can apply it without any tear. It not only conditions the hairs but also maintains the ph balance of the hairs. People can use it on a daily basis to get the desired results. No side effect can ever be founded in such a hair care product.

Color protective conditioning shampoo 100ml is another such product which is just available in smaller quantity but similar in functioning. Ultimately both of them are one and the same in conditioning the hairs. The only difference is of size.

The nourishment which they provide is unique and thus one can utilize them to get the desired results. They are recommended by the various dermatologists. Both of them make the hair touchable and fix the color effective so that one can shine effectively.


Products: Combo of two different size conditioners. | Ingredients: 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients. | Effect: Long lasting and stable. | Uses: Improves the stability of hair color applied. | Audience: Men and women.





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